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Krispy Kreme’s Fourth Of July Donuts Are A Patriotic Dream Come True

The Fourth of July is a holiday designed around things that make you proud to be an American. And what could make you more honored to be a citizen than the ability to exercise your freedom by eating a donut? While hot dogs and hamburgers have long been the poster children of the fourth, America is less of an “either/or” country and more of an “and, what else…?” nation. Krispy Kreme announced three new patriotic donuts that exemplify this spirit.

For a limited time, from June 24 through July 4, donut die-hards will have three patriotic pastries to try. The company cleverly announced the move on Instagram with the mandate to, “Let freedom ring.” (Get it, because of the shape and everything?)

All three options will presumably have the signature Krispy Kreme taste but distinct designs. The Freedom Ring Doughnut is American flag inspired with red, white, and blue icing along with patriotic sprinkles. Sprinkled Ring brings it back-to-basics with a glazed doughnut dipped in white icing and covered in red, white, and blue sprinkles. Lastly, the Firework Ring Doughnut is dipped in bright blue icing and outfitted with red and white stripes.


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