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Milk recalled across Victoria and NSW amid E coli fears

A dairy company has been forced to recall milk sold in Victoria and parts of New South Wales for the second time in a week amid contamination fears.

Lactalis Australia on Thursday recalled eight milk varieties sold by Coles, Woolworths, IGA and other retailers in Victoria and southern NSW because they may contain E coli.

The milks have a use-by date of 2 July and should be returned for a refund.

One of the recalled milks, Coles Brand Fresh Full Cream 2L, is sold at Coles Express shops in Victoria, and at Deniliquin North, Tocumwal, Albury and Albury North in NSW.

The supermarket stressed the recall did not affect Coles Brand Fresh Full Cream 2L milk sold at Coles supermarkets because they involved a different supplier.

Lactalis said it had identified the source of the contamination and taken steps to stop it recurring.

It comes a week after the company had to recall eight different milk varieties with expiry dates of between 25 and 28 June because of fears they contained a cleaning solution.

Latest recalled milk

All brands dated use by 2 July:

  • 7-Eleven Lite Milk 2L bottle
  • Gippy Full Cream Milk 2L bottle
  • Gippy Lite Milk 2L bottle
  • Maxi Foods Lite Milk 2L bottle
  • Pauls Professional Cafe Crema Milk 2L bottle
  • Pauls Smarter White 2% Fat Milk 2L bottle
  • Rev Low Fat Milk 2L bottle
  • Rev Low Fat Milk 1L carton


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