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Mountain Dew’s New Sweet Lightning Soda At KFC Has Peach & Honey Flavors You’ll Crave

KFC has a new Mountain Dew flavor on tap, and you’ll have to visit the restaurant if you want to try it. That’s because Mountain Dew’s new Sweet Lightning soda at KFC will be exclusive to the fried chicken hub — so start planning your lunch trips. The brand new soda, which was officially announced on June 11, features a sweet taste that’s different than the OG Mountain Dew you know and love. Plus, it was specifically created to pair with your fave KFC chicken dish, which means you’ll have a new drink to sip on when you visit.

Let’s take it from the top. PepsiCo announced its new Sweet Lightning Mountain Dew in a press release on Tuesday, June 11, but the drink itself won’t be available at KFC locations nationwide until July 1, 2019. (In other words, don’t grab your car keys and head to your nearest KFC just yet.) Before it’s released, you’ll probably want to know more details about the new drink, including its flavors and which chicken dish it goes best with. Don’t worry, though; I have the deets.


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