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The Future of Food Delivery Just Got Flatter DoorDash buys rival food delivery app Caviar, mixing the delivery world’s highbrow and lowbrow options

DoorDash, the delivery service that’s probably brought McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Chipotle to your door, has acquired Caviar, the delivery app that sold itself as the bougier option — where upscale restaurants like i Sodi in NYC, Destroyer in LA, and Duck Duck Goat in Chicago deigned to sell their wares. The sale, worth $410 million in cash and DoorDash stock, represents a merging of the extreme high and low ends of modern-day food delivery. More broadly, the sale represents another step in the consolidation of the delivery market, a space where platforms once clamored to get into but where few have discovered a way to actually make money at it. And that’s a bad thing for diners, restaurants, and workers.


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