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Super Herb Beverage Pioneer, REBBL, Launches a New Line of Sparkling Prebiotic Tonics for Digestive Support

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Functional beverage brand, REBBL, announces the launch of Sparkling Prebiotic Tonics, a line of delicious, hydrating, plant-based beverages with six grams of prebiotic fiber to support digestive health. The ultra-refreshing effervescent drinks boast flavor profiles like cold-brew cola and ginger turmeric, with only six to eight grams of sugar per bottle.

Over half of consumers report that low sugar options are an important factor in deciding what to buy for their household*, yet many of the leading kombucha brands have anywhere between 12 and 16 grams per bottle, creating an opportunity for a refreshing, ultra-low sugar functional digestive tonic. With only six to eight grams of sugar per bottle, REBBL’s Sparkling Prebiotic Tonics are not only delicious and refreshing, but deliver six grams of prebiotic fiber that serve as food for beneficial gut bacteria. Prebiotics support the body in building and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, and are a necessary precursor to probiotics. REBBL’s tonics deliver 22 percent of the recommended intake of daily fiber in a delicious, effervescent drink.

“Our new Sparkling Prebiotic Tonics fill a void in the market when it comes to low-sugar options that aid in digestive health, and they have the added benefits of high-integrity plant ingredients like elderberry, turmeric, and mate for an added layer of functionality,” says Michele Kessler, REBBL’s newly-appointed CEO. “As with all of our REBBL products, our ingredients are organic and ethically-sourced with a portion of the proceeds going back to our nonprofit partner, Not for Sale, to help their innovative work around the world. We are so excited to continue to expand the brand in a meaningful way that our consumers will love.”

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