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McDonald’s Has Closed All Locations In Peru For 48 Hours After 2 Employees Were Killed

Every McDonald’s in Peru has ceased operations for 48 hours after two teen workers died after being electrocuted by a soda machine last Sunday.

Alexandra Porras Inga and Gabriel Campos Zapata died early Sunday morning while they were working an overnight shift at a McDonald’s in Lima, Peru, according to The New York Times. Inga was cleaning a soda machine when she was electrocuted by a loose wire and when Zapata attempted to help, he was also electrocuted, police told The Guardian.

Inga’s mother told The New York Times that she received a call Sunday morning from another McDonald’s employee telling her the news.

“Ma’am, there’s been an accident,” said the employee, according to Johana Inga Argote. “Your daughter is dead.”

McDonald’s, which is operated by the company Arcos Dorados in Peru and many other locations in Latin America, released a statement on Twitter Monday saying it was closing all its locations in Peru for 48 hours. Reuters reported that employees would be paid during the mourning period.


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