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Ben & Jerry’s Just Launched A Brand New Kind Of Vegan Ice Cream

It’s almost as if people forget you can have more than one dietary restriction. Ice cream is too good a treat for us to not all enjoy together, but it’s contentious. Over half of the world’s population struggles to enjoy dairy, a problem to which nut-based ice creams are often presented as a solution. But while peanut allergies are rarer, they can be deadly. So do those of us who can’t eat dairy or nuts just wither away at the end of our miserable, ice-cream-restricted lives? Not on Ben & Jerry’s watch.Fresh off the release of its Netflix & Chill flavor, Ben & Jerry’s made the obvious yet genius move to test out sunflower butter as the dairy-free and nut-free ice cream base to solve all our problems (well, almost, credit scores are still an issue). As someone with nut allergies, I eat sunflower butter – an incredible peanut butter substitute – almost every day and at first, I was sure I’d taste nothing but sunflower butter. But thanks to a classic array of fillings and flavors, that is not the case.


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