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Trader Joe’s Just Launched Its Own Version Of The Beyond Burger

Trader Joe’s deli section just got a lot more futuristic. Imagine a world that relies less on meat to bring joy to cookouts and BBQs. Imagine a summer afternoon full of burgers and grilled corn for all, regardless of dietary restrictions, to enjoy. You won’t have to go to Whole Foods or make a detour into a Target. As of January 20th, you can acquire the meat substitute of the future where you get your cookie butter and gnocchi of choice.Like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, Trader Joe’s new Protein Patties are also out for blood. This new plant-based burger pattie relies on beets for color, pea protein, sunflower oil, and a blend of seasonings to beef up the flavor. For $4.49, you can buy an eight-ounce package (two quarter-pound patties) of this vegan and kosher meat alternative.


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