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Bud Light Lemonade Will Be Your New Go-To Beer During The Warmer Months

Picture it: You just got home from the beach and washed all the sunscreen and sand off of yourself. You grab a beer before heading out to the backyard and firing up the grill for an outdoor dinner. Now picture that scene again, but with a can of the new Bud Light Lemonade in your hand. We know — it just got so much better.

Although Bud Light has yet to officially announce the new light lager, it has slowly been rolling out on shelves, and eager drinkers aren’t waiting to crack open a can. As described on the packaging, the flavor is “premium light lager brewed with real lemon peels.” Nearly a year ago, limited-edition Bud Light Lemon Tea came out, which was brewed with actual lemon peels and tea leaves. So clearly, a comparison sip is needed ASAP.


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