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Brace yourself for hard cider: Orchard releases new beverage

Brace yourself for a popular drink that a family-owned fruit farm and store is selling to help ease the pain of the quarantine: hard cider.

Brace’s Orchard in Dallas released hard cider on March 13, promoted it on Facebook and it sold out that day in one hour.

“When we rolled it out, we got 56,000 views in two hours,” said Paul Brace, the eighth generation in his family operating the fruit farm. “We sold 10 cases in less than a half hour.”

Recently, Brace’s Orchard began selling the hard cider again in addition to its fresh-made cider, apples and baked goods.

Brace said he is offering hard cider in memory of his son Paul Jr., a Dallas High School football star who died in 2018 at age 24 — five years to the day after he was severely injured in a shooting.


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